About DICE


DICE was formed by a group of like-minded individual driving instructors striving for excellence in driving tuition.

It brings together a wide range of expertise covering pupils beginning their driving education to the highly advanced driving qualifications that some drivers aspire to.

Together with the common goal of driving excellence, DICE maintains a program of instructor training, which ensures that both the latest driving techniques and Government directives are fully implemented. This together with the vast local area knowledge that is shared between the instructors provides all the necessary information to get you driving in the most effective way.

Whether you are an individual who has let their driving lapse over the years or are simply nervous of today’s busy road conditions, Driving Instructors Club Essex has the right expertise to get you driving safely and confidently. You’ll be able to find a driving instructor near you from the DICE website.


DICE have been running, in conjunction with the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM), a young driver scheme at Earls Colne for the last 7 years. Tuition takes place on the 2nd Sunday of each month. Some 40 Approved Driving Instructors (ADIs) take pupils for  driving lessons in dual controlled cars for 1 hour each lesson and there are 6 lessons during the day starting at 9:45 am. There is a waiting list, so the event is very popular.

The YDS Earles Colne website can be seen here.

The Chelmer Village Park & Ride site is not as big as the site we use at Earls Colne so the numbers of instructors will be limited to a maximum of 15.  That means that we can only accommodate 15 x 6 hours, i.e. 90 pupil lessons during the course of the day.